Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Deals at Hobby Lobby

Does anybody else love how it seems like half of Hobby Lobby will be 50% off one week and the next week the rest of the store will be 50% off. I sure do! Hobby Lobby has been one of my favorite places this summer. Here are some of my great finds!


The Primary Pencil Coat/Hat Stand was marked down from $14ish to $10ish and I couldn't help myself. Still not sure how I'll use it in the classroom but I love it.

The Paper Flowers were 65% off of $2.50 each so I got a bunch...I might end up cutting the flower part off the stems and using them on an art project..we'll see!

And my favorite was this blank piece of wood. The outside design was already on the wood and it was in the clearance mark 85% off...I got this for about $2 if I remember correctly. The green ribbon had fallen off so I used my hot glue gun to fix her up. I used a black paint pen to write "Welcome to Miss. Nauman's Class" and quickly I had a beautiful classroom sign. I plan to hang it on my class door. 

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