Monday, June 25, 2012


Teacher Supply Toolbox

Something that drives me crazy is having small school supplies collect on my desk. This teacher supply toolbox solves this problem completely and I can't wait to use it! I found this idea from the teacher at Create-Teach-Share blog. 

I got the toolbox at Lowes for about $16 (couldn't find one at a garage sale dang it!)

Here is the one I got. 

I used scrap book paper, some flower embellishments, and a hot glue gun and got to work!
These are from Hobby Lobby.

First I made text boxes in Microsoft Word for the labels. For this toolbox you need to make 14 labels that are 1.38" x 2.00" and 8 labels that are 2.12" x 4.24". Cut them out along with some small skinny scrap book paper for the tops...
Then glue them on!

The end product...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Treasure Chest

Every teacher has a few good incentive tricks up her sleeveone of mine is my Treasure Box. The only problem with my “Treasure Box” was that it wasn’t really much of a box. It actually started out as a treasure basket. which is not very fun. Then I bought a cardboard treasure box from Oriental Trading that fell apart in less than 2 months.

So I have been on the look out for something I can make into a treasure box for quite some time now. I have found really cool (and really expensive) antique chests that I have considered using but the problem is they are so enormous
FINALLY I found the PERFECT chest at a garage sale for $3!!!!! It was a great size and looked like a real treasure chest not just a box. Butit was kinda boring.

Give me some acrylic paint, gems, glitter, and paint pens and a new exciting treasure chest to be filled with prizes is made! My kiddos will love this! Who wouldn’t?!

What I used:

Class Mailbox

One of my favorite parts of my morning meeting is choosing a child to check the classroom mailbox. Every night before I leave school I put a new "message" (on a sentence strip) in the mailbox. My students think this is just a fun surprise everyday...what they do not know is it is really a perfect chance for them to practice their sight words.

My messages include the new sight words of the week as well as old ones as review. My message usually goes along with something we are learning about. For example, if we are learning about insects, my sentence might include sight words along with a fact about a particular insect we will be learning about in science.

I use this message to introduce some more difficult words for some of my kiddos that are my super readers! It is also a great chance for some of my students who are struggling to practice some words every day. We also review things such as sentence structure too!

Sometimes I will put a surprise in the mailbox such as new eraser pencil toppers, stickers, a stuffed animal to go along with our story...the kids love when they peer inside the mailbox to find something other then the usual sentence strip.

I wanted a new and improved mailbox for next year. So I bought a plain white mailbox at Wal-Mart for about $10. Here is the one I got:

I used lime green polka dot ribbon and a hot glue gun to decorate the sides. Then I used Painters paint pens, which I am OBSESSED with! I jut drew some flowers, a ladybug, and wrote, "Our Mailbox." Pretty easy & it was done!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mod Podge File Cabinet

Thank goodness for garage sales for this file cabinet re-do. I used yellow spray paint for the sides & scrapbook paper & Mod Podge for the drawers. I found this file cabinet at a garage sale (it's my summer hobby) for only $2! LOVE IT! The end result makes me want to make another taller one too!

Teacher Stool

I'm obsessed with this stool!! I can't wait to use it in my classroom. I have seen stools teachers have made before and MAN! are there some cute ones. Most of the ones I have seen are very bedazzled so to speak..

I tried to make one that was a little bit more me. I wish I had a before picture of what this stool looked like. Someone decorated it with puffy tulip paint and hot pink paint 10 years ago. 3 hours later and a boyfriend with an electric sander it was ready for some paint.

It took a lot of time but I really like the end result...especially the quote. 

Monogram Frame

Deals at Hobby Lobby

Does anybody else love how it seems like half of Hobby Lobby will be 50% off one week and the next week the rest of the store will be 50% off. I sure do! Hobby Lobby has been one of my favorite places this summer. Here are some of my great finds!


The Primary Pencil Coat/Hat Stand was marked down from $14ish to $10ish and I couldn't help myself. Still not sure how I'll use it in the classroom but I love it.

The Paper Flowers were 65% off of $2.50 each so I got a bunch...I might end up cutting the flower part off the stems and using them on an art project..we'll see!

And my favorite was this blank piece of wood. The outside design was already on the wood and it was in the clearance mark 85% off...I got this for about $2 if I remember correctly. The green ribbon had fallen off so I used my hot glue gun to fix her up. I used a black paint pen to write "Welcome to Miss. Nauman's Class" and quickly I had a beautiful classroom sign. I plan to hang it on my class door. 

Homemade Mod Podge

Crafty Clock

Another teacher had this old Scholastic clock she was going to throw away…of course I said I would take it with the idea of turning it into a cute classroom decoration.
I found inspiration for this clock from the clock on this blog… It was made as a gift for a teacher. What a great teacher appreciation gift!

What you need to make a personalized teacher’s clock:

  • A plain clock… I got mine for free but you can buy them at Wal-Mart for about $10 or better yet find one at a garage sale
  • 1 piece Scrap Book Paper… I used paper that looks like lined paper. I got mine at Hobby Lobby.
  • 1 Black paint pen
  • School Supplies such as: piece of a ruler, crayon pieces, pencil sharpener, eraser, binder clip, paper clip, push pens, pen cap, pencil top, glue bottle cap, clothes pin, etc… you can use anything really
  • Hot glue gun

This clock cost me $0 to make because I got the clock for free and I had all the other supplies already! It was also pretty easy and quick to make! I almost wrote a cute teacher quote on the clock instead of my name…either would be cute.