Thursday, June 21, 2012

Class Mailbox

One of my favorite parts of my morning meeting is choosing a child to check the classroom mailbox. Every night before I leave school I put a new "message" (on a sentence strip) in the mailbox. My students think this is just a fun surprise everyday...what they do not know is it is really a perfect chance for them to practice their sight words.

My messages include the new sight words of the week as well as old ones as review. My message usually goes along with something we are learning about. For example, if we are learning about insects, my sentence might include sight words along with a fact about a particular insect we will be learning about in science.

I use this message to introduce some more difficult words for some of my kiddos that are my super readers! It is also a great chance for some of my students who are struggling to practice some words every day. We also review things such as sentence structure too!

Sometimes I will put a surprise in the mailbox such as new eraser pencil toppers, stickers, a stuffed animal to go along with our story...the kids love when they peer inside the mailbox to find something other then the usual sentence strip.

I wanted a new and improved mailbox for next year. So I bought a plain white mailbox at Wal-Mart for about $10. Here is the one I got:

I used lime green polka dot ribbon and a hot glue gun to decorate the sides. Then I used Painters paint pens, which I am OBSESSED with! I jut drew some flowers, a ladybug, and wrote, "Our Mailbox." Pretty easy & it was done!

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