Monday, August 6, 2012


I have been wanting a new lamp for my teacher desk to go along with my bumble bee classroom theme. I have been looking everywhere and so far no luck. 

So I took an old icky lamp and some spray paint, hot glue, & ribbon and now I have the perfect lamp!

1st day goodies

I made these goodie bags to give to my students on their first day of school. Sorry for such a bad picture. It is a fish bowl that says You are o"fish"ally in first grade with swedish fish candy. I didn't save the templates I made (SORRY!) If I did I would share them. However I do have the fish bowl image I used. Click here to download it to make your own!

Here are all of my finished treats ready to pass out!


 I found this set of drawers at a garage sale & added scrap book paper using Mod Podge and painted it green with Acrylic Paint. Super quick & easy project & it matches my redone file cabinet. 

And it has neat compartments! Perfect for organizing! 

Cute Posters

I made these posters for my class and got them printed from Vista Print!

I created the first one and I found the second one from Pinterest somewhere. I can't find where I found it originally found it so if someone knows feel free to let me know so I can credit them! The third poster I wrote myself after I saw similar ones on some fabulous blogs. 


So sorry that I have been so MIA lately! About a month ago I accepted a new teaching position. It is in a different school district in a new grade level... needless to say planning for the switch from Pre-K to 1st grade has kept me occupied. Did I mention it's at a brand new school that is still being built?! (can't get into my classroom yet YIKES) So my stress-free summer off is OVER. So please excuse my absence. I have been keeping busy and have lots to post and will add new posts and respond to comments later today!

Thank you to Cathy at cisforcookiesclasscrafts for my newest blog award! Visit her site here!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to You!

Very excited to have a class full of students to give these to on their birthday! You can download the balloon from Once Upon a First Grade Adventure here!

Then I just printed them out, taped them to a swirly straw (you can get a pack of 6 at Dollar Tree for $1) and put them in this cute adorable tin! I also added the birthday pencils below from Oriental Trading. They say "Happy Birthday From Your Teacher" 

So on a birthday in my class they can pick a birthday pencil and balloon! Yay! Who doesn't love birthdays!!