Thursday, July 5, 2012

Teacher To Do Checklist

One of my biggest pet peeves is all the post it notes that pile up on my desk. I'm constantly writing myself important reminders but then they all end up getting lost or making clutter on my desk. I got inspired for this memo board from the Fabulous in First blog where she did a similar project. 

First I took an old ugly frame and spray painted it green. Then I made my own checklist of what I will want to keep track of on a weekly basis. 

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS IN A PDF FILE FOR FREE!!! Just visit my TPT page here!  Or click on the picture above. 

Once I printed this I mounted it on a piece of teacher scrap book paper and put it in the frame. I now can use this as a dry erase board to keep track of all my to do's and reminders! No more post it notes everywhere...Yay! And this will look cute propped up on or hanging behind my desk. 


  1. Thanks for the Freebie, I pinned this on my site too, plus I'm pretty sure this is my next MOnday Made it! ...I'm your newest follower!